Siurana climbing trip 2017

This post is about some of my favourite climbs I sent at Siurana. This trip was my first real outdoor climbing trip away from the UK. Leading up to my flight, I was so psyched! I just couldn’t believe I was finally going to a crag I had heard so much about. 

I had recently had a bit of a poor weekend competing at BMC youth open events. My main focus for that weekend was to make finals in the Lead and hopefully podium at the lead event, however I missed out of finals by one place, oh well I said to myself just got to move on, that’s the nature of competitions and I just had to accept that day was not my day. 

After that comp I wasn’t to certain how I would be climbing in Spain, I knew I had been training hard, but I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong. When I got to Spain however I found that actually that wasn’t the case and I was really pleased with my performance on the rock!

On my first day, we visited a small sector of Siurana called L’Heroborlai. It wasn’t the best sectors, but it already had one of the best lines I had ever tried on it, “Cójon Prieto” an amazing  line following a red limestone path that leads to a spike big enough for you to sit on and admire the view. 

On the second day, I managed to onsight probably the best sport route I have ever done in my life, a super awesome 40 metre 7c Called Lua. It’s just such an impressive piece of rock that juts out from the rest of Est. the climbing is sustained and super enjoyable, leading to an awesome finish, which I think makes it such an impressive route, going up a huge arète which made me feel as if I was back home on the gritstone.

The final arète on the super awesome Lua!

After that I was just so pyched, for the next couple of days I just went on a spree of doing the best looking climbs I could find. I happened to get back on Lua again on my fifth day, although this time I tried a climb in the guidebook called Super Lua which was given 8a project. I can’t seem to find any recorded scent of this climb but it was awesome! The same start and finish as Lua, just with more moves and more powerful moves for its crux.

A few days after that I woke up keen to get to Centre, it paid off because I managed to beat the hot sun and climb another one of my absolute favourite routes, Memorias de una Sepia.  An awesome 8a which I managed to send second attempt. The climbing on it was fairly powerful and when I had tried it the day before in he blistering heat the moves had felt desperate. But when I went up first to the next morning everything seemed fine, the climb felt completely different, I was just so pyched to get another 8a ticked in only a couple of goes. 

The trip has just got me still so pyched, I can’t wait for the rest of this year although I was little disappointed to see how small everything feels over here at the Peak District, oh well time to try and send some some projects!